3,750+ words on Gratitude, Attitude, and Language (in-depth look)

The research of Albert Meharbian is often misinterpreted. It is often believed that his work is the result of the following saying, “What you say is more important than how you say it”1. However, what you say is as important than how you say it since it is often the combination of two that determines our attitude. And because our attitude in life correlates with our level of gratefulness, what we say and do ultimately determines how grateful we are.… Read More 3,750+ words on Gratitude, Attitude, and Language (in-depth look)


Optimism in Times of Despair

The Sheikh starts by reminding us that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has sent Prophets and Messengers as examples to be followed in all situations of our lives. We find an excellent example in our beloved Prophet ﷺ, who was beautified with many wonderful characteristics and virtues. Whether in times of hunger, or times of war, or in times of difficulty and trials, there is one virtue that the Prophet ﷺ always displayed and always… Read More Optimism in Times of Despair