What Is Sent Our Way – A Brief Reflection on Gratitude

by Selly Kane

Today, I saw a video on Facebook which really got thinking (not intentionally). It was about a very old couple with 8 children (Ma Shaa Allah) who found themselves in a refugees’ camp in Syria, alone. They had been separated with their children with the war, each fleeing wherever they could. They were crying about being old, sick and alone, mentioning how they would have never thought about such a thing to happen and wishing they were dead.

As I was making duas for all those people who find themselves away from their children, I started having the conviction that Allah would take care of them. Yes, they don’t have their children with them but the ONE who takes care of everything will take care of them. HE will send people who have the means to help them and the desire to help them.

I then started thinking about myself and others being sent to certain people with the right means to help and the inclination to help. I had been chosen to be the means by which Allah had sent help to some people, Al hamdulillah. As I reflected on that, I realized that I was able to find example when I was sent to people to help but couldn’t find example of HIM sending me help. I felt terrible, ashamed and ungrateful!

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” Quran, chapter 55 verse 16

I was so busy depending on means that I had forgotten to pay attention and be grateful for what was sent my way. For sure I remember that day, seventeen years ago when I was penniless in a small town in Tunisia thinking it was either bread or a roof over my head (and not my roof – I literally only had enough to take the bus to a friend’s house where I would stay for the night).

I remember bumping into my neighbour that day, her saying “ya binti (my daughter) you look like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, come, let’s go home and have lunch. You’ll tell me what’s going on with you”.  There came my lunch and what a lunch (better than a 3 Michelin-stars restaurant, I’m sure)!!!


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