Do You Believe there is Good in Every Situation?

by Muhammad al-Fateh

Khateeb: Sheikh Ali Hindy

Mosque: Salaheddin Islamic Centre

“And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” (Al-Baqarah, 2:216)

Many times Rasulullah ﷺ and the Sahabah (radiallahu ‘anhum) did not like a certain situation or task. However, they always knew that Allah decrees something due to the good that it brings. This good was either in the immediate or in the distant future, whether they perceived it or not.

For instance, the Prophet ﷺ was ordered by Allah to leave Makkah and migrate to Madinah (known as Yathrib at that time) with the Muslims. This was difficult for the Prophet ﷺ and he ﷺ even looked towards Makkah and said, “Oh Makkah I would not leave you if it were not for your people who are driving me out”. However, he ﷺ and the Sahabah put their full trust in Allah and emigrated.


Downtown Makkah area

Allah ﷻ through His wisdom brought the Ansar of Madinah to Islam, established the Shari’ah in that city and brought the eventual fath’ (conquest) of Makkah through this decree. Another example the Sheikh mentioned was that of ‘Umar (radiallahu ‘anhu), who was initially against the Treaty of Hudaybiyah. He thought the Muslims were getting the worst end of the deal (e.g. too many restrictions on the Muslims). However, through this deal Allah ﷻ brought peace and many people embraced Islam.


Sun rise in Madinah

We can draw parallels today, though we often fail to do so.

Starting with the most obvious event, the recent incident that shocked us, our brothers in Quebec being massacred in cold blood. Though we obviously detest what occurred, and our hearts are not only saddened but also angered, perhaps fearful and even in despair, there indeed are many good that came out of this.

Firstly, those brothers were in the best of places, the house of Allah; they were remembering and glorifying Him, bowing to Him, when they were killed. A truly blessed way to leave this duniya. They were meant to die that day, and Allah took their souls while they were hymning His praises (Allahu Akbar!). In this manner Allah honours His slaves with shuhada (inshaAllah) and by granting them a high status in Jannah bi idhnillah.


Imagine dying while worshipping Allah! SubhanAllah what a death!

Secondly, Even the far right Quebec politicians are starting to realize that what they say and legislate has dire consequences, and many of them are either leaving or distancing themselves from those far right extreme views, or at least softening their stance. Thirdly, Many are now encircling masaajids and offering support to the Muslim community. For example, the admin of Salaheddin Islamic Center recently bought a church in the famous Ontario city of Stratford (where 99% of residents are White Secular/Christian), and turned it into a mosque. They reportedly had lots of converts ma’shaAllah right from the start, but now after this Quebec incident, many residents are forming a ring around the masjid as Jumu’ah is being prayed by the Muslims, with many more people embracing Islam there, subhanAllah.


Every year Stratford, Ontario the city hosts an arts festival drawing

thousands of people across Canada to it.  

Moreover, All this Trump rhetoric and attacks on Islam/Muslims have resulted in protests all over the United States; including inside major airports where lots of Muslims went to demonstrate, and even prayed all 5 salahs there while people formed rings around them and were intrigued by their prayers. Many Muslims have engaged in dawah with this opportunity. Furthermore, Even the infamous former Clinton administration’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, who infamously said during an interview when asked whether the then Iraqi boycott which resulted in the deaths of over 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it, “Yes, I think it was worth it”; even this lady now recently said that if Trump takes executive action that affects immigrants and Muslims travelling to the US, she quotes “…I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity”.

Thus, the Sheikh concluded that the matter of the believer is amazing in that everything brings good to a believer. We should accept all situations, remain patient and continue to praise Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and seek His forgiveness. Victory (in this life and the next, inshaAllah) will be ours. The more Islam is resisted, the more rapidly it grows. Alhumdulillah! And Allah knows best. ​

Was there a time in your life when you were tested and you witnessed good come from it? 


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