Dare to be Vulnerable

by Abu Aaliyah

Vulnerability is scary, but never weakness.

​Vulnerability is the strength that allows us to be real with ourselves and others. It raises us from the pit of disingenuity towards an authentic higher ground.

In vulnerability, we are truly seen.

It deepens our connections.

Being vulnerable helps others lower guards and settle in themselves.

Vulnerability gives rise to meaningful relationships with those who have earned the right.

It is a catalyst for trust and love.

For how could we love and feel loved without being vulnerable?

Vulnerability is power and courage.

It is the antidote to a weakness that does not tolerate unpleasant feelings.

An antidote to the facade of perfection.

Is not the moon beautiful the way it is?

Vulnerability humbles us.

‘Ask for help from your Creator!’, it says, bringing us closer to Allah. It gently encourages us to supplicate for and be receptive to support with an open heart.

Will you then choose vulnerability?

It is time to let go of pretensions and perfection.

Let go of shame and suffering, drama and disingenuity.

Drop the armor that was never yours.

Instead, open up to yourself  with compassion and kindness.

And proclaim loudly,

“I do not fear vulnerability. Rather I dare to be vulnerable!”

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Her focus is on shame, courage, guilt, and vulnerability. As a social worker myself, I was inspired to write the above after researching her work on vulnerability. Her book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, is an amazing read.

What is your relationship with vulnerability?


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